The Humble Beginning of LA Valve Source

Serving you since 1994,  with years of experience that have allowed LVS to reach high levels of customer satisfaction.

Louisiana Valve Source originated as a Gulf South locally owned and operated company in 1994. Initially focusing in the oil & gas industry, LVS realized years of success and was able to expand our business to become one of the leading providers of valves and valve services. This success inspired us to venture into other related areas such as pipeline transmission, chemical, petrochemical, steel, power, and pulp & paper.

Company Growth

At LVS we understand the importance of expanding not only our business but our team and expertise.

During the years of our company’s operation, we assembled a team of employees with years of experience that have allowed LVS to reach high levels of customer satisfaction within all of these new sectors. Development of this team included expansion into other locations with facilities in Port Allen, LA  and Pasadena, TX. The knowledge and skills that our technicians possess exemplify LVS’s commitment to our clients and their needs.

Our customers’ requirements grew over time and LVS saw the need to advance our capabilities. This catapulted our company into the manufacturing industry. Louisiana Valve Source began producing an expanding gate valve (Sup-R- Seal) and a rotary control valve (LV690). These products joined our existing offerings to maintain our legitimacy as one of the largest independent repair and manufacturing facilities in the United States.

PON North America

At the height of our company’s existence, we again saw another opportunity to become something more. We caught the eye of an organization that prides itself in the people they employ and the businesses they promote. PON North America purchased Louisiana Valve Source in 2014 with high expectations of allowing our company to capture new goals and stretch our reach farther than even we had envisioned. It has been an exciting time that will continue far into the future.

Our Core Values

LVS core values
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Passion to Perform

We have the passion to perform, and we focus on tangible results. What drives us is a winning mentality; we want to improve continuously, and accept only the best quality. Always and in every situation. We finish the things we start, and are prepared to do that extra step. To achieve performance at the highest level, we work closely with our colleagues, customers and business partners. Because we believe that performance is a team sport.

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Trust to Act

We are trusted to do our job and we do it decisively. We apply our strengths, take initiative and take ownership for our work. We think not in terms of problems, but of solutions, and we allow room for creativity.

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Act Responsibly

We believe in long term relationships with colleagues, customers and business partners. We are honest, open and direct in what we do, and support and help one another when necessary. We take responsibility for our actions, and the consequences they may have for our stakeholders and surroundings. We believe that our company can and must have a positive effect on social and natural environment.

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Make it Fun

Work should be enjoyable; that’s what we believe and that’s how we operate. We are open, informal and optimistic. We can easily approach our colleagues, customers and business partners. We work hard and we share and celebrate our successes with one another.

Need Info on Our Valves or Field Services?

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