Product Specifications

The LVS Sup-R-Seal gate valve is an API-6D certified, made in the U.S.A. domestic, through conduit, expanding style gate valve designed for liquid or gas pipeline usage.

Key Advantages

  • Custom Packing Set Design

  • Dual Sealing Replaceable Seats

  • Double Block & Bleed Capability

All Sup-R- Seal gate valve bodies and parts are made here in the United States. The valves are completely assembled and tested at our facility by skilled technicians. We can provide them as manually operated, bare stem, or with any specific type of actuation.

Customizations Options

The valves can be furnished with different types of internal trim and seals to accommodate varied service media, temperatures, or particular customer requirements.

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Accepted by Approved Manufacturer’s Lists

The LVS Sup-R- Seal is accepted by several major pipeline companies and can be found on their Approved Manufacturer Lists.

Contact one of our SRS experts to discover more. All of our Sup-R- Seal valves are fully tested to API-6D specifications as standard practice but we can accommodate any customer specific testing procedures/media required. A complete data packet can be made available with all of the pertinent paperwork (test report, mtr’s, test charts, etc).

Sizes range from 4” to 30” with ANSI pressure classes of CL300, CL600, & CL900 (not all classes apply to every size).
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