Readily Available Inventory

Louisiana Valve Source has a readily available inventory of valves to be provided as remanufactured products.

Sizes: 1” thru 48”

Classes:  150# thru 2500# (ANSI) / 2,000# thru 5,000 (API6A)

LVS remanufactures multiple brands and models of ball valves.

We provide these as standard manually operated types and with different automation options (pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric). Some of the typical brands we offer are: WKM, Cameron, Grove, Balon, KF, Neway, PBV, TK and multiple others. Our remanufactured ball valves are quarter turn and either floating or trunnion style. Many are manually operable with levers or gears; however, we are equally experienced in actuating these valves as well.

We have technicians available to focus on actuation and instrumentation for valves as per any customer requirement. One of the areas that LVS specializes in is custom actuation. Providing such brands as Bettis, Limitorque, Rotork, Morin, Matryx, Shafer and many others with all kinds of instrumentation. Custom panels with solenoids, limit switches, visual indication, regulators, etc for fail close, fail open, double acting and modulating applications.

Our skilled machinists can also fabricate any type of custom mounting equipment for shop or field installation.

The remanufactured check valves that LVS provides are swing and piston style.

Typical brands are Wheatley, Juddco, Tom Wheatley, Daniel, KF, Norriseal and many others. The swing style is usually thru-conduit and full bore for all pigging applications. They can be built for horizontal or vertical services. LVS is able to customize these valves for throttling or non-slam processes by installing pneumatic actuators or special spring-loaded canisters. We can even design packing gland areas on the clapper arms for subsea or below grade applications.

check valve

LVS supplies our customers with industrial types of remanufactured plug valves such as Nordstrom, Rockwell, Texsteam, and Walworth.

These can be dynamic balance styles with lubricated or non-lubricated designs. Plug valves are very durable types of on-off styles to provide years of reliable service with very little maintenance.

This type of valve performs a unique service for typically specific pipeline requirements.

Willis, Argus and Tulsa are some of the brands of remanufactured pigging valves that LVS provides. Our many years of experience with these types gives us a leading edge in supplying our customers with a quality unit.

Louisiana Valve Source can provide these oil & gas industry choke valves.

We offer choke valve brands as Best, Cameron, Thornhill-Craver, Willis and others. Either with adjustable trim or positive beans in multiple orifice sizes. Whether for wellhead, manifold, or heater assembly applications, LVS will build these valves to any specific requirement. We are also able to actuate some models for throttling service.

Louisiana Valve Source can supply remanufactured parts for the valves that we have built and for some other valve providers.

With our many manual and CNC lathes and mills we are able to create all sorts of internal trim in several different materials. Carbon steel, stainless steel, monel and brass are just some examples of what are able to machine.

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