Remanufactured Control Valves & Actuation

(Including Related Items: Controllers, Instrumentation, Etc.)

Louisiana Valve Source has a readily available inventory of valves to be provided as remanufactured products.

LVS remanufactures multiple brands and types of control valves.

We specialize in Fisher models but also provide Fisher, Masoneilan, Norriseal, Valtek, Samson and many others. Control valves are technically designed for specific flowing applications. They require precise finely tuned calibration to perform at peak functioning.

Typical industrial usages are chemical, petrochemical, pulp/paper and steam.  Louisiana Valve Source employs highly skilled technicians who are experienced in the many types of control valves and their utilizations. We are knowledgeable with all of the different styles of instrumentation that are required with most control valves.

LVS techs can build, install, calibrate and test any type of controller, regulator, or positioner.

  • Linear styles

    LVS builds control valves with linear style operation. Typical models like Fisher E, D, D4 & HP are everyday styles along with Norriseal 2220, 2700 & 2700A.  Standard Fisher actuators such as Fisher 667, 657, 585C are installed on the valves we provide. We also offer Masoneilan models like Masoneilan 21000 and 41000 configurations. LVS can also supply 3-way style linear control valves and older style double ported valves.

  • Rotary styles

    LVS also builds rotary style control valves. V-balls, butterflys and Camflexes are some common types that we build and provide. Standard Fisher actuators such as Fisher 1052, 2052, 1061, 656 are installed on the valves we provide. We also build Masoneilan and Norriseal actuation. LVS can offer rotary valves for throttling or tight shutoff on-off scenarios.

See ‘Flyer’ for more detailed information.

Louisiana Valve Source has several employees who are capable of sizing control valves per individual situations with customer supplied specifications.

By collecting pertinent data from our clients we are able to input that information to calculate and recommend valve assemblies that are best suited for those applications.

Along with all of the above mentioned control valves LVS can supply any type of instrumentation, either installed on the valve assemblies themselves or individually.

Simple models such as “Big Joe” Fisher 630, Y690, 92-series and more technical models like 1098, 310-32 or 1190 are just some examples of regulators we build.

LVS can offer controllers for pressure, temperature, differential, and liquid level processes. Fisher 4150, 4196, 2500, 4194 are common models of these controllers. We also supply Norriseal and Masoneilan controllers.

Positioners are very precise instruments that assist with operating control valves.  Plant operators and panel room attendants utilize the signals from these units to keep entire areas running properly.  LVS can provide these as pneumatic or electrical styles.  Fisher DVC, 3600-series, 3500-series, Masoneilan SVI-II are examples of these instruments that we build.

Our technicians are trained to build, calibrate, and test these units prior to leaving our facilities as well as on field site locations.

Louisiana Valve Source can spec and build custom sight glass assemblies for all liquid level gauging requirements.

Penberthy, Daniel and Jerguson are common brands.

They are available in either transparent or reflex styles for multiple working pressures.

Louisiana Valve Source can supply parts for the valves that we have built and for some other valve providers.

With our varied manual and CNC lathes and mills we are able to create all sorts of internal trim in several different sorts of materials.  Carbon steel, Stainless steel, monel and brass are just some examples of what are capable of machining.

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