Remanufactured Gate Valves & Actuation

(Expanding, Slab, both Thru-Conduit (API-6D))

Louisiana Valve Source has a readily available inventory of valves to be provided as remanufactured products.

Sizes: 2” thru 48”

Classes:  150# thru 2500# ANSI

These types of valves are mainly located on pipelines being utilized as double block and bleed units.

They are designed to mechanically “wedge” to provide tight seals in either open or closed positions. At LVS we pride ourselves in the expert knowledge our technicians possess regarding bleed and block valves.  We can handle WKM, M&J, Daniel, Grove and other brands.

The valves we provide are manually operated with handwheels or gear operators but we can also prepare them as bare stem to have electric motor operators installed on them (through outside sources or by LVS directly). Our trained machinists can build custom adaption for most all brands of these operators.

We can also provide these valves with any type of extension if you have a requirement for them to be in below grade service applications.

Not only does LVS provide all standard ANSI 150-2500# class valves in typical end to end dimensions we also provide compact style short pattern expanding gate valves.

Thru-conduit slab style gate valves are a popular item for the pipeline and tank farm industries.

LVS provides most manufacturer brands for this type: WKM, M&J, Grove and others. Most of these valves are designed to provide standard block and bleed function.

They can be offered as handwheel operated, gear operated or bare stem with adaption for different types of pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical automation.

Louisiana Valve Source has years of experience with gate valve operation that has given us the ability to work closely with our customers who have existing valve units that sometimes require topworks replacement.

After years of operation, some valves will experience wear on their critical topworks areas. This will require some sort of repair or replacement and typically these valves are in areas that would have expensive removal costs.

LVS works with our customers by performing exploratory evaluations on site of these valves and taking the information collected to create units specifically for those particular valves. Whether it would be a replacement bonnet and topworks with an extension for a below grade valve or an LVS custom designed linear drive operator, we can also provide skilled technicians to assist with the field installation.

They will also work with you and your technicians to properly test the installed pieces.

Louisiana Valve Source can supply parts for the valves that we have built and for some other valve providers.

With our many manual and CNC lathes and mills we are able to create all sorts of internal trim in several different materials.

Carbon steel, Stainless steel, K-monel, brass, are just some examples of what are able to machine.

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