Remanufactured Orifice Meter Fittings & Runs

(Including Barton Recorders)

Louisiana Valve Source has a readily available inventory of items to be provided as remanufactured products.

LVS has the capability to provide remanufactured orifice meter fittings by themselves or with brand new piping and flanges.

These fittings can be either single or dual chamber design and AGA-3 or 14.3 specification.  Our skilled machinists and technicians are knowledgeable of all the required tolerances and critical dimensional criteria associated with these assemblies.

These units are completely NDE tested and provided with those reports along with mic sheets and mtr’s as part of our data packet which accompanies the shipment to our customers.  We are able to also provide customer spec. skids for these units to be installed on prior to shipment.

LVS has worked with many customers to install ball and check valves to the runs as complete assemblies mounted to these skids so once delivered to location they are ready for hook-up and production.

Louisiana Valve Source can also offer the varied accessories related to flow measurement.

Analog recorders have played a vital role in customer required data collection involving meter runs.  We can provide these attached to or separate from the runs. LVS employs dedicated experienced design engineers that can work with our customers to accommodate any custom length meter run with any type of piping connections.

These drawings are specific to the particular order and is utilized for critical measurements to assure our customers receive the exact unit as per specification.

Louisiana Valve Source can supply parts for the products that we have built and for some other providers.

With our many manual and CNC lathes and mills we are able to create all sorts of internal trim in several different materials.  Carbon steel and stainless steel are just some examples of what we are able to machine.

We can also provide brand new parts for specific customer requirements as needed.

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